POEM ON MY 33rd BIRTHDAY. A Poem by Robin Marchesi


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When you look back on the pages,

Of some half completed book,

When you contemplate,

Its twist and change,

And the age its teller took.


To unravel countless cases,

To weave a central theme,

To bewitch you with its reverie,

To sniff its inner dream

And to wrap you up in a wisdom

That you don’t quite understand.


It’s not a lot to read half a book

And contemplate its style.

For the story is half woven,

The tale has made its due,

Like a life that’s found a meaning

You know what you’re going through.


And you lean your head out forward,

To taste what you’ve to come,

But the words already written

Chapter verse and song.


And you’ve ploughed a furrow on your brow,

You’ve planted a seed that points a way,

For you’ve heard it now,

Spoken clear,

In that first half of living

Such an inner sense beginning.


When you look back on the pages

Of a half completed book

When you contemplate its twists and change

And the age its teller took.


Robin Marchesi, born in 1951, began writing in his teens, much to the consternation of his mother, the sister of Eric Hobsbawm, the historian.

In 1992 Cosmic Books published his first book entitled “A B C Quest”.

In 1996 March Hare Press published “Kyoto Garden” and in 1999 “My Heart is As…”

ClockTowerBooks published his Poetic Novella, “A Small Journal of Heroin Addiction”, digitally, in 2000.

Charta Books published his latest work entitled “Poet of the Building Site”, about his time working with Barry Flanagan the Sculptor of Hares, in association with the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

He is presently working on an upcoming novel entitled “A Story Made of Stone.”



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