Lost my Love at the Louvre. A Poem by Mark Antony Rossi

Locked in this sea of oil paint and perfume
I danced with a girl in front of Mona Lisa
We laughed and made the guard smile
And agreed to dine at a street cafe
But that kiss
As much as it teased our hard bodies
And tempted our mortal souls
Became a fragment vanished
In the pieces scattered that fateful night
When amoral monsters made
A restaurant into a cemetery.

Mark Antony Rossi’s poetry, criticism, fiction and photography have appeared in The Antigonish Review, Another Chicago Review, Bareback Magazine, Black Heart Review, Collages & Bricolages, Death Throes, Ethical Spectacle, Gravel, Flash Fiction, Japanophile, On The Rusk, Purple Patch, Scrivener Creative Review, Sentiment Literary Journal, The Sacrificial ,Wild Quarterly and Yellow Chair Review.


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