I think it will be winter when he comes. Poem by Dufflyn Lammers

I think it will be winter when he comes,
not that anyone can feel it in Los Angeles.
It will be winter and I will know this
because there will be less traffic
and everyone wears pants.
He will come from a long way off
but I will know him
by his shoulders, by his chin
by his shimmering.
He will smile when he sees me
the smile I knew so well once
that I inspired so many times
stretching across the years like a bandage.
We will open our arms
without thinking about what we have carried
for so long and it will drop from us. Spinning
like clouds into each other, we will make
something new.

Lammers co-edited the spoken word anthology CHORUS with Saul Williams, from Simon & Schuster (Sept., 2012). She writes for www.thefix.com, the world’s leading website for addiction and recovery. And she also has a blog for actors in Los Angeles: www.thelaactorsblog.com Her poetry has been published in journals as varied as Iowa Woman and The Museletter of the National Association for Poetry Therapy. Lammers is anthologized in SLAM: The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry, 2000, Manic D Press. Recently, she wrote, produced, and starred in the short film RAVEN co-starring Deezer D (ER). RAVEN won best experimental picture at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival, 2011. Lammers appeared on “Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on HBO”, in “Criminal Minds,” “Entourage,” and in the films BELLY and PROUD AMERICAN, among others. She has also toured Universities from Smith College to UC Irvine with my spoken word poetry show and competed in the National Poetry Slam for five years running.

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