The Seed of the Burning Tree

The Seed of the Burning Tree


i stand knee deep in burning coals
waist high in bombs bursting light
eyes filled with poisonous gas
ears to the crackling wind

i kneel deep in daisy filled garden
soft breeze caressing my face
tear drops coursing the river
bird song in my ear

i lie on the ground hugging
holding least i fall further
than i can remember being
down in the deep deep well

i turn to face my Maker
i cry, “o Maker face me!”
give me just one reason,
or take this cup.”

the crackling wind is silent
the air is sweet & pure
i see a tree in the garden
it burns but does not die

“My child, & you are my child
My love, and you are my love
You are the seed of the burning
Tree, and you and I are one.”

Originally published at on Feb 1, 2005 @ 17:02

In the Shallows Poem by Summer Breeze

Summer solace painting

Summer solace painting

In the shallows
by Summer Breeze

In the shallows of our past
remembered shadows
heart broken clean
of entanglements and fairy tales
Camelot was not
akin to our dreams of real
in our frenzied recreation
needed now it is a good time
to rampart the battlements
of fear and greed
the poet dreams
dips a pen in the deep well
informs the other
“You are loved”

First Published at on Nov 30, 2004 @ 15:05 CST

Life Was Easier Then

It was so much easier
when we just had Elvis
and Walter Cronkite
we knew who could sing
and we got the news right

Yes life was better back then
we had a dining room and a den
and we didn’t have a garage full of stuff
and we threw our trash off a bluff

and our sink holes were full of cars
and it never made the news
and we didn’t give a damn about Mars
and fancy shoes

And Aunt Marie fixed
potatoes and pinto beans
and there were these new things called
blue jeans

Oh all the fields are big now and the farmers are gone

Oh what price we paid for our fancy homes

and they took our trash with a big giant hand
when the suburbs swallowed the sons of the land