The Bet

The Bet
by Seymour Shubin

I guarantee you, he said
At the end of his mother’s funeral,
That the dead will meet,
That they will look in full health
To each other,
Just as they were.
Oh yeah, I thought , and where
Do I collect if you are wrong?
But that was then and this is now
And oh how I miss her
And how I want to give
His money back.

Originally Publihed as The Bet Poem

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Now I Lay Me Poem by Seymour Shubin


Sleep is easy
Just close your eyes
Try not to think
But if you must
Think only happy
Ones, like the time
No that wasn’t so happy
Think of the seashore.
The waves
Think of the waves, count
All right, fifty is enough,
Think of other things
Like the time.
Like the time
Think of pretty things,
Like…like her,
Oh God, now the heart is racing,
Nothing feels comfortable,
Not this bed, the pillow
All right, pillows
Get a drink of water
And one of the pills
Just one more
Stop kidding yourself,
You’ve had one,
Just don’t take another
Mustn’t take another
Count…keep counting
.My God it’s three o’clock.
You shouldn’t have looked at your watch
Shouldn’t have turned on the light and looked at it
On the nighttable.
Tomorrow I promise
No more pills
Just the one more tonight
One more
And not tomorrow
Ok, ok, this one, just this one….
Please God don’t let me
Wake up dead


Now I lay me, the just one more poem copyright 2012 Seymour Shubin

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Immortality a Poem by Seymour Shubin


Grandeur is lost in dust,and strength in clay
Yet beauty is more beautiful to the eye
That sees within an object its decay
And loves it knowing it must die.
Say, love, if we could live forever
And death were dead and time a thing
Becalmed and stagnant, powerless to sever
That taut yet gossamer like string
That binds us each to each, would we then be
Happier and more content? Would we not waste
Hour after hour, knowing that we could see
The next day’s hours? And living without haste
We might spend endless hours in delay
While now we’re conscious of passing time
And spend each moment in a deathless way.
Immortality Poem Copyright 2012 Seymour Shubin
All Rights Reserved

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Wait Your Turn Poem by Seymour Shubin

Wait Your Turn Poem

Where j’all go?

It’s not my language, that, but it just came out.

It needs a bigger language than my own.

So many gone.

All, in fact.

The whole gang.

All the guys, and more.

Tell me, where j’all go?

And why not me?

Shh, shh

Just wait your turn.




Wait Your Turn Poem Seymour Shubin 2012

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