Aftertaste Poem by Summer Breeze

after taste
cold coffee in nicotine stomach
tasting like an overdose
smelling like dirty ashtrays
nasty thoughts spoken into bubbles
electronic drawing to their source
truth in lending spending polluting now
holy cow disease
golden calf
white elephant
white buffalo
tom tom tom
heart chakra open
truth burns
truth heals
truth plus justice equals peace
– Summer Breeze


Permission Poem by Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze recites with David Jackson on guitar 🙂


my body was cold & shivered& shivered & shivered until it was warm
tears fell & fell & fell till they were gone
my campfire says “It is good to know cold.”
the full moon says “It’s good to know empty.”
the refugees say
“carry a child & you can go on”
i say
body, you have my permission to shiver
all the fears learned in childhood
shiver out the fear of the Unknown
make a lighter heart of company
meet a stranger with no stranger eyes
Heads or tails?
just arms & legs winding, walking
this non-play no one applauds
this long stretch home
we all want home
a comfort zone of just being
a hand to hold & know we’re not alone
circles joining circles
making heads & tails of light enough
to heal a tattered heart
Edy Lou Benjamin

Summer Breeze (Edy Lou Benjamin) is the founder of (Moongate). She is the motherbird for all poets.

She has lived her words:

Seeking World and Personal Peace Through Poetry

 Summer’s Poetry   /   to Moongate

From Summer Breeze To See You Again

fall softly sweet jasmine
released from rooted home
i’m sorry some nursery person
potted you from your nature
happy you somehow ended
in the middle of my living room
named in honor and as a go-between
my thoughts to my dis-incarnate loved
one who suffered thru his path as long
as he was humanly able
thank you for the effort to say goodbye
never knowing
i’ve been there and it is hard and yes
we all let go of everything somewhere
down some time line
letting go the pain goes too
then what is left is hope
to see you again…


Summer Breeze a.k.a Edy Lou Benjamin  Mother of our home of peace and love. The  refuge of hope in this world lies down each night as Edy Lou Benjamin and rises each day as Summer Brezze, the founder of Motherbird Books and the motherbird for all poets who hope someday to deserve her.

This poem re-printed from Jalapeno Peppers

old song new war endless war via perpetual fear poem by Summer Breeze

it feels personal again like it did as a kid
early spring birds early morning singing
when the heart knew only joy and hide
the best that you can
when confronted by authorities wrath
we rush thru our hail mary’s full of grace
until an angel whispers in our ear
“if you scream he will stop the beating”
what’s happened dear mother of a god if you are
to the beating stopping with the screaming
now we haf’ta lie to stop the beating
see them take these lies off to war?
see Johnny march
see Jane cry
see baby bleeding dirty uranium pellets
elephants pushing donkeys off to war
one two three four what the hell are we fighting for
old song new war endless war via perpetual fear
oh but oops what Is perpetual
when the heart knows only joy and hide
early spring birds early morning singing
that’s what
it is still personal to those who have ears to hear
the sun
by dawn’s early light unites
father sky and mother earth in turquoise rose embrace
a new baby day is born

where did all the elephant asses go
long time leaving
when will they ever learn
when will
they ev’er


Come Play With Me Poem by Edy Lou Benjamin

Play the song by Artvilla’s mentor Edy Lou Benjamin a.k.a Summer Breeze Guitar by David Michael Jackson

sweetgrass wafting autumn harvest
sighs with love divine, unspoken
candle light observing darkness
holds a world expectantly…

here in dark of dawns prebirth
comes a whooshing whooshing…
angel wings still flutter softly
’round the hearts of mortal man

birthing pains in nut shell open
releasing seeds to fertile Earth
even ice melts in the furnace
of the river rushing forth

time stands still but only shortly
or long if one is standing still
what clings us to a backward motion
releases as we boldly step

into the shoes of our own making
flowers need but once to bloom
in this garden of human faces
is delight of wonder…meant

hoards of angels’ singing voices
praise the passing, evening light
praise the birthing day to be
unclung to old miseries
“here,” — they gently touch my shoulders
first my left and then my right
“wings invisible will fly now
to the love that’s pulling you.”

all love is a pulling, tugging
to what calls a heart to play
see us here all tugging, pulling
one big clam shell open, closing

will you come & play?

gets up every morning and joins the crowd poem


doesn’t live that life so he
gets up every morning and joins the crowd

Which shore?
He said petals from an appletree
yes petals from an appletree
and leaves falling silently

Which shore?
He said petals from an apple tree
summer music
and the summer breeze

and he washes up on the hundredth poem or the thousandth poem or
footsteps on a stair,
washes up on the shores of reason and reaches
washes up with the wordbarrel


David Michael Jackson 2005