Why. Poem. Sonnet. David J Delaney.


New morning sun brings forth her warming rays

while dying leaves drift gently to the ground.

Approaching winter soon will dampen days,

when ice will hang from barren trees abound.

Korea’s changing beauty I have seen,

penned every scene for all the world to read.

I miss so much your sparkling eyes of green,

while for your love, my heart again will bleed.


The freezing snow will cover all that lives

I hope I will survive this daily fight.

A priest once said that Jesus Christ forgives,

though what I do, he could not see as right.

My helmet sits upon my weary head ─

My rifle, now replaces pencil lead.


For my Uncle, Lawrence George Delaney, 1st Battalion RAR, who served in Korea.


Here is a short bio for you:

Now in my late 50’s I left school at 15 years old. Only 3 months after “making” grade 8 has been in many ways a drawback involving my literary goals as I only starting “writing” in late December 2007 and has been a huge learning curb for me, I am still tackling how verbs, adjectives, nouns, syllables, etc, work.

As a award winning poet, and recently a memoir/short story writer, I have had wonderful support, in Cairns , Queensland , Australia and worldwide. My love for writing and the impact it has on everyday people, has, definitely been an inspiration to continue with something I honestly enjoy, and, if I inspire one person to write and or showcase their work, then I have done my job. 

David J Delaney
Internationally published Australian Poet.




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