Of Reddened Apples.Poem. Richard Lloyd Cederberg

Protecting the wellness, accuracy, and sanctity of creative individualism
Being blessed
Abreast this advantage,
Perched upon a firm palisade
Within a sprawl of Malus laden,
Where, contemplating all
Comings and goings,
To some length,
Seemed a
(Of sorts)
Of the movement
Of others in the often
Mundane blur of surviving
Dour dominion
Suffered acute eyes in
Wonderment, streets moiling  
With rapacious squawking hawkers,
And all the grousing animations of escapade
Vendors plying the needy with homemade  
Food, tomfoolery, and the bric-a-brac
Of some faraway place,
And being
Aware that
Very morning of a
Shadowy tramp steamer
Offloading some unavowed booty
Into the hands of indurate panhandlers,
Whose ultimate survival rested,
At all costs,
In the next sale or
Satisfactory scheme  
(To ensnare
Those fleeceable
With the unnecessary)
He felt
Relieved for
The scant distance
Between THERE and THIS
Pleasant vantage so effectively
Set apart in rolling woodland hills,
A place where within his nostrils
Redolence brooded subtly
Of reddened apples,
The sweet
Beckoning him
Without peddler’s schemes or
An under-handed drama of strategies;
Smiling broadly he plucked one from where it dangled,
And, after consuming it, filled his haversack for
The continuing journey
richard lloyd cederberg


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