The Words. Poem. Sage Sweetwater.

the words
opened a

those nights 
we wrote
coming out like fine
hairs of a sable brush 
and mine
with the toughness 
of an orange peel well I want 
you to know
I rubbed your words off 
nightly into erotic soft powder screaming

in shades of pastel mixing it up for a day 
when we would have
a likely work to be juried 
by critics too close to ownership but
so far from
the truth
opened a wound
the tension was
so heavy with denial
I could feel it
in the air
what wasn't being said I heard 
so loud until the
silence gave it

the words
opened a




Copyright © Ms. Sage Sweetwater, Celebrity firebrand lesbian novelist



Sage Sweetwater is an American Celebrity firebrand lesbian novelist, poet, storyteller, screenwriter, and business artist who hails from Colorado, USA. Her novels and screenplays are being made into Hollywood High-Budget films. Her complete list of works and bio can be found at


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Eros Thimbles Under the Moon of the Evening Grosbeak. Poem. Sage Sweetwater

clouds of incense
sewn with threads of
the Silver Cord,

out of body nakedness
stitch-by-niche drifting under
the moon, luna parts the dark side
of her thighs to let in some ethereal light,

 ’tis the passerine
bird who scolds us out
of the physical body into
the astral body –

the polyphyletic
assemblage of the
songbird, the evening
grosbeak branching on
what is balanced of All-That-Is
going out on the astral limb of a
protector of love –

the eros thimble
under the moon of
the evening grosbeak
to repel the puncture of
the needle; the closer I get
to the honeycreeper’s nectar
the more I drip with sweet prophetic
wisdom stitch-by-niche.

Copyright © Ms. Sage Sweetwater, firebrand lesbian novelist