We accept submissions of poetry from all over the world. We read year round and publish as they come in and are accepted.

We require and accept
1. A formal submission giving us permission to publish.
2. Submissions via email only
3. A short bio
4. We reward contributors with a link to their site
5. We prefer an image, a pic of the poet or some image that represents the poem. The image too must be original.

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Eyedrum Periodically

Aberjhani. Creative Thinkers International

Nordette Adams. Paper li Bell Book and Scandal

Janet Caldwell. Paper li Inner Child

Sara Russell. Paper li The Pinky Pictographic

Sara Russell Poetry Lifetimes

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes an Anthology of Sonnets

Poesia Indignada Transforming Poetry

Art & Ideas Tony Martin Woods

Scott Thomas Outlar – 17Numa


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Folks Let’s Rock – Folk Rock That Is

We are pleased to introduce something quite new and refreshing, the Folk Rock Index and Playlist Click here. This list plays videos from 900 Folk artists and takes you on a tour of our sites. With this technology we can play videos on many subjects including poets, poetry, art, art instruction. We are proud of these pages and realize the mainstream traffic can even bring people to poetry. I am proud to make this announcement at PLT.

The pages are fun, should be bookmarked and shared. This method can be used for all types of music.

Video shares and embeds are encouraged by You Tube. That is all this is. This is one old engineer putting a bunch of pieces together into a machine and producing something no one expected, not even the old engineer himself. Sometimes big things can come out as one click here link on one page.


David Michael Jackson


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