As I walk over the bridge
city on my right
I see a man staring into a woman’s eyes
when I look again
I see how old he is
and how young she is.
There must be twenty five years between them
but it could be a hundred
for all he cares.
In the national theatre
I look at a young woman as she sits down
she spits on her phone
then rubs her finger around the screen.
Then she starts to comb her hair
right to the tips as she twists it at the end
then she starts to talk to her hair.
Perhaps she is annoyed with it
having a bad hair day.
Then a man sits next to her
too close for it to be mean anything else than they are together.
Then they get up and walk off
without ever having said a word to each other.
In the south bank I go and sit in on a talk.
It is about Hayden and a bit about Handel.
One of the women on the panel is a dyke
but the other is hot.
I look at her a lot.
The last is a man, academic, American.
The man talks about the genius of Hayden
and the women talks about why he was not as revered as Mozart.
The man tries to defend him
The dyke says she has read his diaries
and gives us some examples.
He was boring and that is all it comes down to.
A genius can be many things
but he can never be boring.
Look at Mozart.

Marc Carver Bio:
Sometimes I don’t write for a few days and it feels okay but after a few more it doesn’t feel right at all. So I start to look for things and get out of the house more and there they are. Just waiting for me all along.

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