Hitler Poem by J. Kevin Wolfe

bad hair day for hitler

a jew beat you hitler
in the war
you started

(you missed this one)
finished it

your mustache was precise
his hair misbehaved
but all the aryan brains
wouldn’t divulge
his secret to you

so adolph
who turned out
to be the putz?


Rental Car Poem by J. Kevin Wolfe

J. Kevin Wolfe

Rental Car

Got the keys? I asked Chuck
I locked my door in France
Got the keys? I repeated
I pressed the knob in Andorra
Got the keys? I chanted
I checked the handle in Spain

It’s Sunday
The Pyrenees live 60 kilometers
from anyplace
I forget to ask

The keys sway in the ignition
from the noose of a chain
half a meter
behind tempered glass
My Swiss Army knife learns
how sturdy Peugeots are made

Two Frenchmen
leave their picnic, wine and women
They cram two screwdrivers
above the window

Pulling down
my fingers are in
Pulling down
my hand is in
Pulling down
my elbow is in
Pulling down
the window leaps the track
thunks into the door
‘Voila’ they smile

It’s summer
Snow flavors the wind
We have no window
‘I got the keys’
Chuck says



Silent Cat Paws Poem by Laura Greenall

The Cat Patrol
On silent cat paws
He strides through the kitchen.
Tough guy walk
He demands food.
The cupboard door slams
Announcing dinnertime.
“Share with the others,” I say.
The pitter patter of
Six more quads of feet
Sound on the linoleum.
Kitten clumsy they come
On a run of tumbling,
Squirming, fur clad bodies.
I am overrun by kittens.

Kittens Poem by Laura Greenall


Here I am, sitting in my chair
They all want to sit with me there
Using my leg they start to climb
Start with one, then add nine
Seven still left to go
Where they’ll sit, I do not know.

Faithfully I Remained Poem by Joan Pond

Faithfully, I Remained

I should have let
the floodgates open,
as you spoke
such drivel and drool.
The only fool left standing
(as you said you loved),
was me.
I cleared my throat
to expectorate,
recalling our lunch in Spain.
The Costa del Sol
as I’d lost my wallet
you explained,
she is a Yank
and does not fully comprehend.
the British slight.
I remained.

Need You Poem by Marilyn McIntyre

Need you
need you now
at this time
along to never
and longing
go together
like a thrumming
like a drumming
in my chest
the pain
longing, wishing, hoping, crying
bring it home again.


Kindness Poem by Marilyn McIntyre

the time we found
the magazine
against the trees
black and white
the time
of rains
drugged baby
kitten cries
cupped hands
saved what
we could
the time the words
were gone
stripped them
held them
the time when
anger lashed
you stayed
and loved
the kindnesses
the kindness
the kind


Asylum Poem by Janet Buck

Asylum from Ash

“Tranquility is the old man”s milk.”

Thomas Jefferson

Dizzy for that nutrient, we load the car.
The whole world is a pair of jeans
in need of a needle and patch.
We boomerang for mint green hills
no differently than heads
with migraines duck the light.
I doubted red geraniums this icy spring
since nothing glows brighter than war.
Doubted they’d rise through carapace soil,
react and grow to warm syringes of rain.

In the navel of drought,
blue bowls of water promise us
asylum from the cloying ash.
It’s quiet here,
except for the chattering birds
discussing the size of a seed.
Bears with noses in a cooler
eating someone’s morning eggs.
Rowboats slice a shadow’s dress.
After the wool, finger the silk.

A few loose thunder clots abide
like moccasins that pad a trail.
Moons these days —
bright silver shillings
plow through smoke.
I doze at peace, under a tree,
awaken to sights of a deer,
its hooves so close I mistake them
for pairs of brand new shoes.

by Janet I. Buck

“Asylum from Ash” was first published in _Azalea Plush._