Kangaroo Song SarahJayne Balash

Kangaroo – SarahJayne Balash (original) from SarahJayne Balash on

From Clarksville, Tennessee – SarahJayne Balash

We think there is talent budding. Maybe we should take the last train to Clarksville or just wait for her in Nashville! Look out SarahJayne writes her own songs and is unabashedly presenting them already. Showmanship starts early.

An artist always represents a moment. This moment is captured so beautifully. It is refreshing to see young talent portray a part of our lives. When it is done too well it is often professional. When it’s done just well enough it is often art.
Thank you Sarahjayne for making our day.

the-Kangaroo Song SarahJayne Balash