Cold Rain Poem by David Michael Jackson

Out Into The Cold Rain

out into the cold rain
goes my baby
out into the driving wind
goes my child
out into the cruel world
I send my honey
even the bitterest wind
is sweet
even the driving rain
brings the wet street in the morning and
that certainty which permeates
the consciousness in the wet cold,
suffering perseverance
which tastes as sweet
the soft forgotten scent of
the rose.
To come out of nothingness
out of the abyss of time and no time,
to come out of that and to taste
the sweet taste of the oxygen in the air for a moment
for a simple brief instant, would you not endure,
would you not say “No problem, Lord”
to the pain and cold
dampness of this day
to the problems and the worries and the fact
that this coat doesn’t quite cover, and
let’s the cold in until it
hurts the limbs when they try to move.
What do you say,
what can you say, but
thank you
thank you for
this day

Copyright © 1998 by David Michael Jackson, All rights reserved





Trust the Breeze Poem by David Michael Jackson

Trusting the Breeze
When the breeze settles upon the
like the cat settles into
the empty box or
when the dust settles
after floating in the air
or appearing
in the shaft of light
from the window,
when suddenly the odor
of ozone in the air before the
settles into the corners of
the afternoon,
then, and only then,
will I turn the page

– David Michael Jackson


flooded war memories, poem of how an old trusted friend can turn and attack you, by Janet Kuypers

flooded war memories

it was st. patricks day,
went to another country to see you

met up with you at a hotel
it was like we were never apart

we talked like old friends,
old war-time veterans

who fought in a war together
who shared our life stories

while sitting in a trench together
waiting for a bomb to strike

it was st. patricks day,
and everything seemed normal
and right

even though you lived far away
and even though we had different
life plans

it was st. patricks day,
i remember you laying down

in the bath tub, like a little boy,
splashing and playing in the water,

not even flinching that i was there
talking to you, naked in the tub

it was st. patricks day,
i wanted to get out, see the town

and you didnt want to move
content in a dingy hotel room

all i could think was that
it was st. patricks day,

and i was in another country,
i wanted to get up and go

and i dont know what snapped
in you on st. paticks day,

but i was in a dress, ready to go,
and you knocked me down

i remember being knocked on to
one of those hotel beds

in my panty hose and dress,
and you strangled me

it was like you were in the war again
and you were fighting to the death

but i thought we were on
the same side

why are you trying to hurt me

and like a bull dog that finally listened
to the commands of their master,

you finally stopped, and
there i was, your ally,

the one that sat in the trenches
with you all those years ago

torn panty hose, bloody knees

i never thought youd fight
one of your buddies, i swear


i got out and called for back up
in the hotel lobby

at the pay phone an older woman
came up to me, asking
if i was all right

her question stopped me
from hyperventilating

i looked down at my torn hose,
bloody knees

and I said,
im fine


i just knew i had to get out of there
before more shells fell

Lost poems Poem by David Michael Jackson


I look at the briefcase with my
brother’s poems
I look at my manuscript
lying on the table,
and I think of other manuscripts
in closets somewhere.
Like faded flowers
in a drawer they contain
an essence of what was there.
Like faded flowers
pressed between the finger and the thumb
pressed between memory and
sensation, memory and
hope and if my fellow man were to say
“greatness, this is”
would that make the paper less

Arsenic poem by Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

from the “ Periodic Table of Poetry” series

Just the name sounds poisonous.
I know it’s an element
in the Periodic Table,
but this odorless, tasteless demon
can work its way into our water
and eventually kill us
from the inside out.

And the thing is, Arsenic
occurs naturally everywhere,
and we even use this poison
as a wood preservative,
it’s even used in paints, dyes, metals,
drugs, soaps. And even more frightening
for all you meat eaters,
high arsenic levels are in
animal feeding operations.

We seem to hunt down ways
to kill ourselves,
don’t we.

I read about Arsenic poisoning
and Napoleon’s death.
Breathing it in or ingesting it,
Dukes to Kings were poisoned…
Even impressionist painters
used the pigment Emerald Green
which contained Arsenic, causing
diabetes, blindness, neurological disorders.

Scary stuff, this Arsenic.

So then I heard NASA announce
that Arsenic-based life forms
were discovered on Earth.

Strange stuff, this Arsenic.

I mean, how could something that kills
actually help produce life?
How could this happen?

Okay, go back to my science book:
in order for life to exist,
we need these six elements:
and sulfur.
So, where does Arsenic
fit into the picture?

Well, it looks like NASA scientists
were trying to see if any bacterium
could ever live
in an Arsenic-flooded environment.
So they went to
Mono Lake, California,
to see if anything could thrive
with a surplus of salts
and excesses of Arsenic.

So, in that elemental sextet of life,
they pulled out phosphorus,
to see what any bacteria species
might do.
Lo and behold,
the extremophilic species GFAJ-1
just decided to use Arsenic
instead of phosphorus,
and with all the Arsenic around them,
the bacteria thrived quite well.

And the name “GFAJ-1”
actually stands for
“Give Felisa a Job”.
So I guess it’s not hard to believe
that in their search
they we able to find
even more bizarre life in California
than we were used to.

And Mono Lake has always had
a productive ecosystem.
And many bacteria can tolerate
the high levels of arsenic,
or even take it in their cells.
But they just now proved,
that when starved of phosphorus,
some species could even grow
with Arsenic.

Perplexing stuff, this Arsenic.

I don’t know if we want to create
Arsenic life forms here on Earth,
but knowing this is possible
increases the probability
of finding life elsewhere in the universe.

Spooky stuff, this Arsenic.

And who knows,
Arsenic in place of phosphorus on Earth
may date back to the origin of life,
where it may have occurred
in arsenic-rich hydrothermal vents.

this speculating
about Arsenic.

And Darwinism may show
that species can adapt to survive —
I mean, we have found that bacteria
can adapt to artificially stringent
environmental conditions.

And who knows, maybe the NASA claim
that arsenic had been incorporated
into the backbone of DNA is not
ultimately true, I mean, Arsenic
just stepped in for the missing phosphorous,
so there may be no Arsenic in the DNA at all.
So give NASA a break,
they’re trying…
Because scientifically supported
statements or not,
it’s nice to know
that we’re looking at all possibilities
when looking for what is ultimately
good for life in this universe.

Iron poem by Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

from the “ Periodic Table of Poetry” series

Grabbing the wrought Iron railing
as I walked toward the kitchen,
I first put away the Iron and Ironing board…
But the television blaring from in the den
stopped me in my tracks. As I walked,
the Japanese TV voice asked “scusah”
before the English translation started.
Going to the den I saw him and asked,
“Excuse me, scusah, Iron Chef is on?”
‘Cause although those shows are insanely old,
it’s fun to watch the Japanese food show
for vegetarian meal ideas. “Yeah,
got any ideas for dinner?” he responded,
and I walked to the stainless steel fridge
to look at our food for ideas, and saw
his Iron skillets cleaned on the stove
above the stainless steel oven. Then I
glanced at the stainless steel dish washer
and the stainless steel bowls on the counter.
Knowing that Iron forms stainless steel,
I thought of all of the iron in our home:
Makes sense, since Iron is so abundant
on this planet, from it’s outer crust
to the Earth’s rocky core. Even reactions
of high-mass stars produced Iron,
making it such a vital part of this planet.
So it makes sense I’d see it everywhere
in my own home, from my furniture to
my appliances… From lighting to lanterns,
from tables to chairs to even our wall clock.
It’s in the fireplace grating, and it’s even in
the abstract wall art. Hmmm, and how extensive
is my Iron candle holder collection…
A few of those older candle holders even
have rust, because the Iron oxidized.

The Iron Age brought historical advances
in everything from weaponry to introducing
curvilinear and flowing decoration designs.
Iron is so abundant on this planet,
and since Iron is even so needed
inside the human body,
I’ve even been taking Iron supplements
to make sure I never run low.

And from the micro to the macro,
since I love astronomy so:
with high-mass stars producing Iron,
scientists even believe that because
of the existence of Iron in the formation
of our solar system, an Iron isotope
energy release may have led to
the differentiation of asteroids
after their formation four
point six billion years ago.

So from the creation of our solar system
to the insides of our bodies,
it makes sense why we humans
have such an Iron will,
with such a metallic element
coursing through our veins.
I finally walked back to the den
with a few pumpkin seeds to snack on.
“We can have a spinach salad,
but I started cooking lentils for beans.
If you want to use the steel wok,
Let’s cook Tempeh and add artichokes,
unless you want to use broccoli.”
Since I had Iron on my mind,
I had to pick the most iron-rich
foods we had, before I added,
“And what spices are they using
on Iron Chef? We can come up
with a really good meal tonight
if we play our cards right…”