Lawrencium, Periodic Table poem by Chicago poet Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series (#103, Lr)

I’ve always tried to figure you out.
I could never pinpoint your true destiny.
All I know
is that your radio
activity to me
left my bones so brittle.
I know your heart is a hand grenade.
You’ve made my skin so paper thin.
You’re corroded me
until my lips
are forever shut.

Ask of Me, a poem by Seymour Shubin

Ask of Me

Ask of Me

I could have asked
so many things
like what was it like
leaving old friends
and an old land
then learning a new language
and even starting a business
and of her my mother
so many questions
I never got around to ask
of her either
and now I wait
for it is my turn
with children
for though from the same country
we don’t always speak,
so to speak,
the same language

A brief autobigraphical statement by Shubin:

I start off by saying I could have asked of my father what it was like leaving old friends and an old land and even starting a new business (here), all of which my father did when leaving the Ukraine (as a young man). And there were many questions I could have asked of my mother, too, who too had come from the Ukraine, and met my father here for the first time. But I found out as a young man that age more than anything else separated.the old from the young. Yes. we don’t always speak the same language.

Why Me

Vladimir Mayakovski the poet, poems & poetry.

Vladimir Mayakovski was a Russian revolutionary poet of the Trotsky/Lenin era, who took his own life at the early age of 36 with a revolver to the heart. His influence on European poetry has been considerable but also in the USA, after a brief visit, extending to such poets as Frank O’Hara and Alan Ginsburg.
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