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Sara Louise Russell , whose internet name is “PinkyAndrexa”, is a UK poet who has earned a well-deserved reputation as a highly respected twenty-first century poetry publisher and poet. She was the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Poetry Life & Times, one of the world’s premier poetry E-zines, which ran monthly from 1998-2006 under her tutelage. She has always been in on the scene with graphic design, animation, 3D art, web design, sign writing, photography, film and poetry recital videos. Sara is founder and current editor of Paper Li. Poetry Lifetimes. Her poetry has been published in Artvilla, AuthorsDen, Hello Poetry, The New Pleiades Anthology of Poetry (Describe Adonis Press, Ottawa, © 2005), Sonnetto Poesia, Word Machinist and more, as well as in several e-books by Kedco Studios Inc. (USA). Her skills as a sonneteer are particularly remarkable as featured in the recent publication of the anthology of sonnets Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. Friesnen Press Ottawa Canada Edited by Richard Vallance.

Tale of the Runner, A Poem by Seymour Shubin


Tale of the Runner

I must have been six,
seven at most,
when this crazy neighbor woman
ask me to do her a favor,
and since you always did neighbors a favor,
I nodded and she brought around
this covered basket with two handles
that had wild scratching sounds inside it
and told me to take it to the creek
which was about a block away
and I carried it, hating myself
and I couldn’t wait to drop it
which I did,
in the field near the creak
not in it
as if that made a difference
to poor crazed kitty.
And I ran and ran
and ran and ran
but never far enough.

Seymour Shubin

Poem for a Two Year Old by J. Kevin Wolfe

A 2-Year-Old’s Advice to a 23-Month-Old

Ask for more
when your plate is still full
and you’re done eating

Keep a pocketful of dirt
After they wash you
wipe your face with it
They’ll never get
your magic trick

Hold your plate upside down
If food falls off
gravity still works
and the world is safe
so smile

Ask why? until they shout
‘just because!’

The moment the macaroni
hits the disposal
you want it back

Don’t say you need
to go to the bathroom
or ask ‘are we there yet?’
They’re copyright
by three-year-olds

Smear dinner on your face
to cool it
so it doesn’t burn your tongue
Then lick it off

If your eyes get
big enough around puppies
they let you pull ears

Fill your mouth with food
slowly dribble it down your chin
It takes practice



Iron in my Eyes, Periodic Table poem by Chicago poet Janet Kuypers

Iron in my Eyes

Janet Kuypers

bonus poem from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series (#026, Fe)
(stemming from “You’ve Killed Me”, written 10/25/11)

You think I was joking.
You think I wanted this to happen.

But this is what it boils down to.
I can no longer respond.

After all I’ve been through,
I’d think you’d understand.

Come to me.
I dare you.
Open my eyelid.
Shine a light
right into my eye.

See if I respond.

I even heard
that someone said
I looked so pretty
in my hospital bed here,
wearing nice eye shadow.

I know I’m a dark girl,
but they had to be informed
that wasn’t eye shadow, and
that I had two black eyes.

You see,
that’s how the doctors know
I have a brain injury.
When the blood seeps
out from around my brain,
it collects
only in my eyelids.

Iron gives color to blood,
and coming through
from under my skin,
my blood-filled
must have been
a pleasant

You think I’ve got an Iron will,
and I do.
But at moments like these
I wonder
if I have cried Iron,
leaving it in my eyelids
for you to see.

They say your eyes
are windows to your soul.
And mine have been darkened.
Is it by you,
is it by the world,
is it by the hand I was dealt.

Is it all

All I know
is that mine have been darkened.
Even if it is by Iron.

Summer with Monika.Poem by Roger McGough. Read & Sung by Raymond Crooke.

Roger McGough is one of the famous trio of Brian Patton & the late Adrien Henri who came to be known from the trend that they set, as the Liverpool Poets, and who were the forerunners that heralded in the Beatles Scenario.