Poem for a Two Year Old by J. Kevin Wolfe

A 2-Year-Old’s Advice to a 23-Month-Old

Ask for more
when your plate is still full
and you’re done eating

Keep a pocketful of dirt
After they wash you
wipe your face with it
They’ll never get
your magic trick

Hold your plate upside down
If food falls off
gravity still works
and the world is safe
so smile

Ask why? until they shout
‘just because!’

The moment the macaroni
hits the disposal
you want it back

Don’t say you need
to go to the bathroom
or ask ‘are we there yet?’
They’re copyright
by three-year-olds

Smear dinner on your face
to cool it
so it doesn’t burn your tongue
Then lick it off

If your eyes get
big enough around puppies
they let you pull ears

Fill your mouth with food
slowly dribble it down your chin
It takes practice