Surely There Are Stars Enough | Poem by Alvin Knox

Surely there are stars enought poem

It is time to reconfigure the constellations.
New stars blaze into existence, old stars
are pried from behind curtains of interstellar dust.
Surely, there are stars enough
for every god of men.

Disregard the fact that a rainbow
is only a lens of water. Throw out Lacaille.
Appropriate his rhomboidal net, his square,
his table, his furnace—
and build in my heaven a myth of the world
that allows the blade of an iris
to become invisible.

Star maps locate our sun
near the edge of the milky way,
but man is still at the center
of the known universe.

Alvin Knox

Alvin Knox is a Lecturer of English at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)
He studied Poetry/Creative Writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts