Living Her Passion.Poem.Richard Doiron


She comes to him at night
in the secret world of dreaming
and she comes, also,
when reverie descends,
like so much summer rain,
to occupy the day itself.
She comes, unfettered,
unmasked, a deluge, disarming.
In the earliest of hours,
she is the promise of the sun.
At noon, she describes the night,
replete with wine and roses.
She cares not a whit
for the whimsies of deniers,
decriers, the deities of decorum.
She comes not to advance,
to enhance, to embellish
the shores of sanctimony.
She comes to uphold
the virtues of love, the verities
of which are more than mirrors
affixed to their walls,
the same reflecting but the rigid rule
of their perfidious page.
She comes to alert, to assert,
to avow. Here to deter the dagger and
the dart, fulfilling the heart, engaging
the soul, she courts her cause,
on a bed that’s ablaze, burning, a blaze,
burning, burning, burning!



-Richard Doiron, 66, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada,
work in print since 1964. A graduate in journalism, has read
at national and international literary festivals, his work read
at the United Nations and the World Congress of Poetry &
Cultures. Has published an estimated 1000 poems. Twice
nominated for the Governor-General’s Award (Canada);
recipient of the World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award 2012.

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