Cycles | Poem | Renee’ Drummond-Brown


By: Author Renee’ Drummond-Brown


Momma told her not to do IT.

IT was done; she did not LISTEN

LISTEN to her, for what, and why, she too did it, AFTER-ALL?

AFTER-ALL, she had her at 16.

16, she, herself, should’ve been pristine CLEAN.

CLEAN as bleach on a summers CLOTHESLINE.

CLOTHESLINES, yeah, not soils hung out to DRY.

DRY stains. Tide can’t even get these out, nor CAN;

CAN a praise and/or SHOUT!

SHOUT it out!!! Should’ve been playin wit dolls, jacks and balls til 9:00.

NINE months to GO.

GO to jail…do not pass go til 18



FAREWELL Momma says, “I told you so.”


Dedicated to: Recurrences


A RocDeeRay Poem



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Janet Kuypers’ May 2017 Book Release Reading at Half Price Books 5/3/17

    May 3rd marked a book release reading of new books from Scars Publications, which saw the release of the books “the New World” from cc&d magazine and “Hands that Hurt” from Down in the Dirt magazine. So on May 3rd 2017, Janet Kuypers was asked to read material from these new books plus additional 2017 collection book reading from cc&d’s “Things Found in Books” in the Community Poetry reading at Half Price Books in Austin.

    The first reading was of Janet Kuypers reading from cc&d’s book “the New World” of performance art poetry in Austin’s Community Poetry at Half Price Books, including her “Ultimate Connectivity” poems “Ultimate Connectivity: trying to separate peace from war”, “Ultimate Connectivity: how coffee can be relaxing”, “Ultimate Connectivity: disconnect to reconnect”, “Ultimate Connectivity: aches and pains”, “Ultimate Connectivity: forgetting fear and feeling free”, “Ultimate Connectivity: getting naked with nature”, and “Ultimate Connectivity: a bird in the hand

    The second reading was of Janet Kuypers reading her haiku “uphill” then read her prose “Driving by his House” in “Hands that Hurt”, then her poems “Medication” and “Empty Chocolate Counter” in “Things Found in Books