My God Poem by H E Hasben

My God didn’t drown babies
because he was mad at adults.
My God didn’t leave babies in the rubble of some city
on purpose.
My God wouldn’t need to kill
to convince any Pharaoh.
My God tortures no one
for eternity.
My God knows nothing of days nor seven days.
My God needs no
horsemen .

My God created
no perfect universe,
no unchanging Adam or Eve.
My God created evolution
and an imperfect universe where
imperfection creates change.

My God created
a universe that can explode again and again
if necessary,
a universe that is made up of space and
that may last
My God gave me
I figure he has a lot of time on his hands
or her hands and
with a lot of time on his hands he’ll get
bored again
and need me
ask him stupid questions.
The angels are such yes men
and the people in heaven are such
an adoring crowd.
Surely he needs someone to
If your God gets me
I’m a crispy critter
You gave me free will Lord.
Will you burn me for using it?
“He’s a good fellow and twill all be well.” **

** The Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam