Janet Kuypers’ “Nerves of a Poet” 11/21/14 show at Cafe Ballou in Chicago

    Janet Kuypers was highlighted 11/21/14 with a feature poetry reading through Café Cabaret at Cafe Ballou (939 N. Western Ave. in Chicago). Her slated selections of poetry included all brand-new and many never before read poems (all quite emotional, relating to current topics like the Ebola virus, of the death of family members), interspersed with haiku poems Kuypers has never read before (all from her recent collection book Partial Nudity, that all also appear in her 2014 mini-book 100 Haikus).

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Writings included in this show (in the order performed):
jabbed into an open nerve
Eight to Sixteen
Lord Have Mercy
violent affair
Translation (2014 haiku)