Fame And Vanity | Poem by Kudzai Mahwite

Fame And Vanity

That foul taste engulfs my tongue
That steady churning meshes my brain
Smug frown where once a smile hung
How much longer can I remain sane?
Lament, lament which wrong foot I set
Be this harsh chastening nature sent?
Truly; to appear before this fool with knee bent
To join in undeserving adoration
To herald his arrival with trumpets’ flourish
To step into cold shadow ever hidden from glory’s light.
I see!
I be the fool.
This glory that eludeth me be just a mirage
Throughout I spy many a feigned visage.
Presence of absence of substance harboured within
Still, straight faces: the shrewdest of liars
Their expectant eyes bear green fires.
Hush pervades sensing an impending fall
Cheery shouts quickly dwindle
Quickly stripped of purple robes.
This be a mighty tedious throne.

Kudzai Mahwite is a young Zimbabwean poet inspired greatly by the works and life of William Shakespeare. He is an Economics student and as part of his studies runs a small-time blog on the African Economy. Kudzai is also a Sportswriter with Football.co.uk.You can follow him on Twitter @sir_tos.