Illusion – A Poem by Ron Olsen


by Ron Olsen

The greatest compliment ever paid
Came from Gene D’Angelo
When he said
“I’ll have to send three guys after you
To bring you back”

He didn’t of course
So I left Columbus
For Pittsburgh
And Baltimore
And Los Angeles

To find myself

And to eventually
Interview his daughter Beverly
In a park
In Beverly Hills
Princess Leia was there too

So my ego was fulfilled

And the circle turns
And reality
Slaps me back
From my Star Wars illusion

None of it really matters
For a boy from the Midwest
Does it?

What is accomplishment
This, or something else?

It’s left to you
To connect the dots

I no longer can

We spend far too much time
Trying to determine who we really are
Only to eventually discover
It matters not

Not at all
Even though it’s everything


©2015 Ron Olsen / all rights reserved