Downsized or Outsourcing Poem by David Michael Jackson

beast from hell
beast from hell


I hear voices outside my cubicle
they are talking work
they have no work talk for me
for I am being downsized
I was big
I was busy
I was useful
now I am small
for I am being downsized
i have almost nothing to do
…….i hear people passing by my
i recognize their voices
and say to my self…”that’s so and
so” they are keeping them..
.they are worthwhile…..
I hear them talking
about work……
I am
Oh I was so big
I carried the company’s future
on my broad
I walked with other giants
and spoke of 12 hour days and
reports to even bigger giants
now long
there’s no
telling how long it will take me
to get enough self-confidence
to get
another job.
i may have had some once.
and self-respect.
so long ago, i
don’t remember any more

so let’s go
downsize my ass
and get me the fuck
of here
(get yourself out of here you fool)
How did you come to this
a downsized fool in a downsized cubicle
in a downsized world
eating downsized shit