The Mural’s Secrets – A Poem Of Hollywood From Ron Olsen

The Mural's Secrets - A Poem Of Hollywood From Ron Olsen

(The “You Are The Star” mural at Hollywood and Wilcox, Hollywood, CA. USA –
painted by Thomas Suriya   photo: flickr)

The Mural’s Secrets
by Ron Olsen

If you look deeply enough
Far Inside
With courage, daring and flare
Beyond the troubles of everyday life
The issues of mundane care

There you will see
Looking back at you
Dietrich, Monroe and Gable
Issuing the simple demand

“Carry on if you can
Join us if you are able”

Would you act?
Would you act?
Would you dare to join us and act?”

Have you the courage for it?
To bare your soul and act?
Have you the magic to show your true self
Will you join us and seal the pact?”

As soon as they appeared
They drifted away
Fading to black upstage right
Leaving me there
Forlorn and bereft
Confused and alone in the night

And then from the darkness a voice in my ear
So close that it gave me a fright

I’m neither your daughter
Your sister
Or dad
I’m neither your mother, too”

I’m the essence of all
That drives the stage
Brave Ulysses
And William’s brew”

From downstage center
The little tramp appeared
Looking humble in all his might
Warning me time was ticking away

 That my power would soon take flight

Join us if you dare” he taunted me
If you have the courage and peak
Cast the one that you are aside
And become the other you seek”

If you can’t do that
Then go away

 You’ll not join us here on the wall
Just go away and remember the day
When you dreamed of having it all”

© 2015 Ron Olsen – all rights reserved



Ron Olsen is an LA-based retired journalist who writes essays and an occasional poem.  More of his poetry can be found here.