Bitter Brew Poem

Hope is not a plan
said the boss man.
The team is doing it all
and you have the ball.

Do you know
or do you think you know?
Let’s not ride the fence.
We called this morning meeting
about your confidence.

It is our objective
of performance management
To scientifically measure
your performance percent

Our tape is new
We’ll roll it true
We’ll find out for them
what a team player,
you’ve been.

Oh didly don’t
and diddly do
I’ll fill your coffee
spoons for you
but what will come
I’m sure is true
is a bitter, bitter,
a bitter brew

Up Against the Wall Poem

Up against the wall painting
Up Against the Wall by David Michael Jackson

Up against the wall mf
spread your legs
come from nowhere into
this fleeting time space which
also exists in
a trillion trillion
other places
can I be any smaller?
I am a quark,
a tiny particle
surrounded by
I am energy surrounded by energy which is
Up against the wall mf
it is not there

………….dmj…….6.30.19….year 21 of Artvilla

A Surrender with the Bee

An Ascension
An Ascension by David Michael Jackson

I surrender
my ambition
my dreams
I surrender
I will be an old man who lives nerby
who paints
who writes poems
and casts them at this thing
without ambition
without a dream
art is a flower and a seed
if your flower is not seen
if no lover stops for a scent
if it’s only you and the bee,
the bee that stung
you with the will
to be the flower
be the flower
alone in the forest
plant the seed
plant the seed

….david michael jackson….6.29.19…year 21 of Artvilla

Janet Kuypers’ 9/2/17 “Energy with poetry and Music” Austin Baha’i Center show

    On September 2nd 2017 (9/2/17, or 20170902), Janet Kuypers (with accompanying electric guitar by John) performed in an Austin poetry feature through Expressions Poetry with Music! at Austin’s the Bahá’í Center that incorporated poetry into music, in a show titled “Energy with poetry and Music” (that is also available in the “Energy with poetry and Music chapbook”. PLYa-AZK78_hrW9JjlntDfjLTKt31pVAYO

Read the poems and songs from the from the “Energy with poetry and Music” show:

There I Sit
Tight Top Affair
Knew I Had to be Ready
Writing Your Name”; and song
What We Need In Life

Download the chapbook:

Agora Gallery Chelsea

Peter Blum Gallery New York

Peter Blum Gallery

National Art Museum of China Videos

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