Abstract in Red and Green | Diptych by David Michael Jackson


Our First Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Canvases and other Products

We have teamed up with Printful to offer high quality limited edition canvasses. Our offerings will be in limited quantities.
These canvasses are 1 1/2″ deep. The image extends around the sides. They require no frame.
We’ve also added hats and tshirts. More to come!

The Lost Son Poem by Elisha Porat


translated from Hebrew by Asher Harris

He came back, but he came like a stranger.
He came back, looked about and did not
Recall, for to him, all appeared estranged:
The house, the yard, the narrow lane.
Their memory sliced through his heart,
Cut, and he who survived and was favoured
Came back; and he who had sworn back there
That nothing would be forget, estranged though it be:
A dirt path, and the barren field and the ditch
At the edge, and the lemon tree with its bitter fruit.
He felt that his absence was almost ordained:
To come back at last, to come like a stranger
With a shadowy memory that was not estranged,
And an unravelled thread of burning desire
That will never more be made whole.