Black Tie Poems | M. Earl Smith | Art by 3valynn










Painting by 3Valynn

Black Tie


Everything in the world

Was there for him to take

All around him, colors whirled

Crossed up by black tie fate

Old money, new money

A cross of different worlds

The differences stunned me

As I watched the drama unfurl

Worth more than your weight in gold

That color splatter onto gray

Your plan for love so bold

Love stretching to the end of the day

The circumstances were unique

Not normal, to say the least

Even when things were bleak

You sought to build a better beast

So when they compare you

You were worth the entire lot

And one fine day, true

The world will realize what is lost


Black Tie, Too!


Look at me!

Look at you!

It looks like you wore

Your black tie, too!

Party Time!

Yes, it’s true!

I’m dressed up

And so are you

A black tuxedo

And shiny shoes!

A gold silk shirt

And silver jewels!

We’ll have a good time

With friends, old and new

Who knows the things

That we’ll all do?

So let’s get ready

To bid adieu

To boring times

As we party, me and you