You Can’t Steal What Is Already Yours Poem by Cynthia Evans

You Can’t Steal What Is Already Yours

Embedded in our
bones, worn into sinews,
We carry the
memories of one another.

Drums beat in
the night; it’s fall time,
And you hunted
with your bad shoulder.

Rising and
falling together,
The ducks fanned
their tails.

The bow you used
was worn from use,
And your
laughter crossed the ages.

You can’t steal
what’s already yours,
And you belong to
everyone you know.

And knowing one
another is enough,
Because life is
words not the world.

We are not needy
or greedy with one another
compassion is all, it’s the way.

We were forever
annointed by the sun’s dance,
Brought to our
knees by the smoke of life.

Now we’ve been
given to each other once again,
Your path looked
familiar and it brought me home.

Stay quiet now in
the knowing,
Your Creator has
you by the hand.