Where Poem by Marilyn McIntyre

            are poems alive 
            upon the page 
            do words have meaning 
            does the music sing 
            when no one hears 
            am i alive when i’m alone 
            does my breath soar 
            and reach another’s dreams 
            will God hear me 
            can i feel with no other 
            to give me bounds 
            and where do my feelings fly 
            in the night 
            mysterious and dark and calling 
            if my eyes cannot see 
            is it so 
            and the candle 
            what of the candle 
            will it still glow 
            without tender whispered murmurs 
            where will my love touch down 
            must it float forever 
            meandering among the stars 
            where does it all go 
            where does it go 
            when it’s gone?

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