Universe Explosion

Both religion and science now tell us all this matter was “cast” out there or exploded into being from a tiny almost nothingness, we’ll call it a TAN. That leaves us an empty universe with this TAN which may explode.
It leaves me with a few more questions.
Isn’t there a lot of room in the near empty universe for other TANS? Are there other universe explosions?
Would these explosions bump into each other?
This TAN…What is it made of?
No matter how small something gets it can always be cut in half. It seems that every time we magnify something it gets bigger in our minds and it turns out to be made of other stuff.
A universe with one TAN in it
How big is that universe?
We can learn what happened after the explosion? It’s like finding the pieces of a bomb and trying to figure out what it looked like before it exploded.
Why did the TAN explode. Did it sit there and then, suddenly, BOOM?

This particular universe exploded and we find ourselves, 14 billion years later in a few billion years window of possible life on this planet, living 80 year lives wondering where all this stuff came from and thinking we can figure out the meaning of it all.
Bless our hearts!

More than two dozen scientists from Michigan research universities, including teams from the University of Michigan and Wayne State University, contributed to the discovery of a particle that fits the description of the Higgs boson.
…..Without this particle, and the Higgs field it represents, matter would have no mass. Without mass, there would be no gravity, and thus no planets, stars, or galaxies, and therefore, no humans


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