Togliatti Dog

You have to admire a place that honors a dog so much, the dog gets a statue. Togliatti, Russia. here’s the story:
At the crossing of the South Road and Lev Yashin street the Monument of loyalty is set up: a dog sits on the bronze pedestal. This modest monument has not appeared here accidentally, it was an absolutely real dog, which had been waiting for its owner’s car on the same place for 7 years. This dog’s story has become the city legend: the dog’s owners tragically had died in an auto accident, but the dog could not accept its loss and settled down on the roadside. With a joyful bark he greeted every car which was going by. The citizens called the dog “Constantine” what means “loyal, faithful”, and after its death the monument to dog’s faith and loyalty was established on this place. The pose of the dog expresses the expectation, it is looking into the distance, towards the road where it had been waiting for his owners for seven years.

…….Dandelion De La Rue