The Return of the Blue Cat by F.D. Reeve, a review

Who is the Blue Cat? That is the question. At times he is a stray, at times F.D. Reeve himself. Certainly the best collection of poems I’ve read in a long while. F.D. Reeve is a little bit of Eliot and a smidgeon of Pound with a wink. At first I was skeptical. “Oh God, he’s breaking into French.” In my case it was the cd which turned me around and made the experience enlightening. The book is accompanied by a cd with readings by F.D. Reeve and music by Exit 59. This poetry is playful, almost like a cat playing with a ball of fluff. The music is good jazz which compliments a good reading by Reeve.
Let’s face it I’m a sucker for poetry with good music. My associates and I have been mixing the music with poetry for several years so I know the challenge in front of Exit 59. The reading by F.D. Reeve is really full of character and wit. The jazz by Exit 59 is superb. These guys did a wonderful job of adding music that makes me play the cd often. In fact it’s headed to my IPOD. The music is good folks. The poetry is excellent and together they break new ground for poetry. F.D. Reeves is a literary poet of the caliber of Pound and these poems combine humor and wit to make a statement of our times as well as the human condition. I highly recommend this book. You will love it. I also highly recommend the accompanying cd. Awesome!

The Return of the Blue Cat
F.D. Reeve
Other Press LLC
New York, NY


David Michael Jackson