The Racing Cats by Laura Greenall

The Racing Cats
By Laura Greenall

It seems from the heavens they came

Hundreds of them to play the game

But only one cat would run to fame

For all the world his name to proclaim

I entered my cat. Her name is Sue

My brother entered his racing cat too

A big brute whose name is Blue

Another came from Kalamazoo

They lined up in groups of ten

The winners would then contend

But only on cat could win in the end

It mattered not, for we were all friends

The racing cats from County Cork

Were the only ones to make the mark

One took off as though he had tork

Shades of Dallas, his name was South Fork

South Fork was the best cat in the land

He was paraded with a big brass band

His proud owner thought it was grand

And toasted his cat with Old Granddad