The most beautiful Thing Poem by Tony Nesca


old bag of a caretaker
telling mike he”s too late on rent
she got hump on back
gimp leg
ugliest human alive
spits out rage and disillusion
even the gang members
fear her
the gods tremble
timmy runs down hall
old bag gimpin” after him
sun going down
timmy has nephew
crazy talks and walks like
an adult
he freaky this kid
discusses life death the universe
waves his hand casually
puts smoke in his mouth
timmy slaps it out
then lights one of his own
tracy on corner
happy since bob in jail
she laughs with the neighbourhood
she laughs at the sun
laura grim and wanton
eyes like laser beams
thighs like hercules
everything around her
urban madness
it grows
it ferments and follows
beer vendor on corner
unhappy and dead
guy behind counter face scarred
beyond recognition
eyes twisted
mouth not where it should be
something about a beating
dark people, dark thoughts
people turn away when they see him
mike and laura engage him in conversation
he gentle this monster
he kind and generous
i”m with him right now
small apartment he”s got a beer in hand
he speaks i look at his face,
i listen intently,
i look
he”s beautiful
i”m happy….