The Chicken House Gazette

My cousin Ruthie and I founded the Chicken House Gazette in the chicken house. The chickens were gone by then. Somewhere in my life the chickens disappeared. We gathered paper, the kind with the wide lines, the grade school paper which had that smell of new school supplies, that once a year smell. We gathered paper. We cut articles out of magazines. We cut pictures. We glued and pasted our way to the first issue. We created two issues, one copy each. We sold out the first day, to my mother and to the neighbor Simpson across the creek.

Those were not the last issues of The Chicken House Gazette. Since those days my audience has grown slightly but I am still cutting and pasting the latest issues of my little Chicken House Gazette. My audience are still neighbors and friends across the creek which has turned into an ocean. It’s still the same small world!

Thank you neighbor.



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