The Bee and The Dog Poem for Kids

I’m tired said the man

but you haven’t told me the story
of the dog and the honey bee

you have heard it before

the dog was walking his
dog walk
along the trail
sniffing this
sniffing that

and the honey bee
landed on his nose
and looked him
straight in the eye

buzz said the bee
buzz off said the dog

or I’ll lick you dead with my tongue
I’ll sting that tongue
said the bee
and die doing it
but you’ll know I was there Mr Dog

So the bee buzzed
and the dog walked along
with the bee on his nose

Buzz buzz said the bee
Bark bark said the dog

I think I like you bee
You can be my bee

I’m nobody’s bee
said the bee
I visit the flowers
and make honey
Mr Dog

And I’m very glad
you got to meet me
said the bee

So the bee and the dog
went along
and got along

david michael jackson