Shakes Spear Poem


(Shakes a Spear)
Thou doth know it here,
that he who sang thy favorite song,
was anon
and anon I’ve come

(Shakes Spear)

Your second coming may bode not well
for following the beast and infidel,
for of your Cyrus our teller does not tell
but of the beast, he says it well.

what say ye?

Your kindness runs through like sand
It is the blood of the child on your hands.
When you’ve had your say and done your part,
you raise a bloody heart.

what say ye

these noble lads have come to share
their tales of woe and pull their hair.
When the lever is turned by man
The end will come by his own hand

for in some cave some tale was told
a sail we both make and unfold
and when the wind begins so bold
we will say it was foretold!

David Michael Jackson

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