Self Portrait by Chris Carmichael

self portrait Chris Carmichael

Actually a good likeness. Talented people seem to have a Midas touch and this minimalist effort shows that Chris can be very expressive in any media.
We have been the home of our Chris Carmichael pages since 2000. Chris’ discography grows so fast it’s hard to keep track of it. For Chris, ‘lately it’s movie soundtracks, adding strings to George Strait, Buddy Guy and, it seems, every name in music. Chris is also Artvilla’s friend. He’s that friend who “went and got famous”, and we don’t brag about him nearly enough. We are going to change that because his work touches so many artists that it can suggest music that delights if we just pay attention.

If we are special at all,
it’s because of the friends we’ve made.
If our lives matter at all
it’s because of the love we’ve shared.
If our time is well spent,
it’s well spent together.
and if we are to be remembered
it’s because of whom we helped
and who helped us.

Chris Carmichael

david michael jackson