Right Like It Is

Right Like it Is

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Yes it is the most unnoticed album in the history of albums. Too bad the guys only did one album because these instrumentals are special.

Dreamy new age guitar noodlings go with rainy days and cafes better than umbrellas and lattes.”
……Nick Dedina Listen.com


Thanks Nick but a lot of good it did. This is one of my albums. It’s one of those to throw against the wall in my angst.  You know, one of those times where you really thought the world should beat its way to the door but that’s not how it ends. Time just goes by and so many albums are lost because they were published. All most hear, or will ever hear are clips. Putting it up for sale is very much like hiding the candle until someone pays to see the light. If no one ever pays, then no one ever sees the light.

It  “don’t matter anyway”. I’m singing in the wilderness of a billion websites. Here I’ll knock down this tree, see if it makes a sound. Ain’t nobody out there but them chickens and they’s eatin’ corn. Quit whining and get back to work, Jackson.


Right Like it Is Concert


There were times when

cliche wasn’t necessary when

the music flowed like a

winter stream

through the snow,

like water flowing over rocks

in a tiny nook

near a spring.

There are times when

the air vibrates and

times when it does not

silence is golden

only because the

bird sings.


david michael jackson     july 16, 2012   dave@artvilla.com    send Gandhi