Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi India Splendor

If you have Netflix then check out this movie
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

It’s sweet to see a love story again. A deception. You know all along he will be found out. Beautiful scenes of India, a look at culture, songs, and love.

It’s really cool to review only the ones you like. Those who do this for a living have to bring tiny scalpels. They know more stuff than I. Also I’m late. My cat ate my review and I had to……..it’s a long story.

The header is good, the music is great, I watch the credits like I do with the good ones. Here is a quote:

“Oh God why do you add spice to our sugar sweet love story?”

…or something like that. …bloggers do extensive research. Everyone knows that.

It’s just about the best sugar sweet love story with spice I’ve seen in a while. Don’t worry Aunt Grace they put the words on the screen so ya’ll kin see what they are a sayin’

This little video clip strikes a pose for the movie. An artistic pose. Is it a conflict between the new and the old as well as a conflict between western culture and other cultures. Is it tradition itself versus Brando and Dean? Is it a cliche’. Yes and it’s, well it’s,

It’s a walloping good story with great music. That’s what it is.  A story where you love these people not these characters. Yeah I got a sweet tooth mama!

I can accept the glasses hiding Superman’s identity, the mask for others. There are great films where we can set reason aside. Superman puts on the glasses, Lois Lane can’t tell it’s him.  With most movies we don’t accept such things, we point them out. With great movies we accept anything they say. We leap gladly.

In Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi we accept gladly a lady who does not recognize her husband without a mustache. We accept it gladly, as gladly as Superman’s glasses, Zorro’s mask. It’s the great story overcoming the details. The drab conventional husband becomes the cool lover guy at his wife’s dance class. She ultimately has to choose.

I love a good cliche’. Somebody spent some big money to make a splendor of color and culture. This movie seems so close to failure that it succeeds wonderfully.

Oh my goodness Aunt Grace

Let’s cook.



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