White Heat.Poem. Trevor Maynard.

The mountain is there to be climbed

The weather its own

Maybe violent maybe calm

Funny like Cagney

Ma, Top of the World!”

We are its guests

The soon to be honoured dead should it decide,

To object to our trespass

To growl and bite back

Conquerors in oxygen masks and with frost-bitten toes;

Are mere Yankee doodles in gangster shoes and clothes

Funny like Cagney

Heroes die as easily as unclean rats

Svengalis, deities, autocrats

The mountain does not forgive

It just is

White heat


© Trevor Maynard from his collection Keep On Keepin’ On ISBN 978-1480052499.

Trevor Maynard is also editor of the anthologies The Poetic Bond

ISBN 978-1466498419 and The Poetic Bond II ISBN 978-1480209732

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