Multiple Personality Poem by Marie Kazalia

Marie Kazalia

I made love with a multiple personality–

the one-(of him)-in-control
sat on the edge of my bed
explaining the many aspects of 10
oops forgot to count himself–
eleven selves

I asked if each one inside him had a name

“I haven’t gotten that clever yet” he said

Who’s the one that giggles when he kisses me?

he glances a flash of eyes from the side
under a dark hat brim–
“oh, that’s just the silly one,”
“are you going to miss him?” he asked

yes, I said simply

“I’ll tell him” he said

So I asked if he talked to them all
and they to each other

he said “yes” pressing things forward
making it time to leave
“but the truth is”
“there’s nothing there between us–
you and me”, he told me

I knew it was true of this one
the one-in-control
but I definitely had something going
with the others

Marie Kazalia 7/31/2K2