Morning poem by John Horvath Jr

Morning Incomplete


Along the seashore at the cabin muffled waves through night
Embrace us in our sleep brief unhurried ’til the morning light
Upon these empty sheets reveals the stains of love imagined.
Morning doesn’t give a damn for dreams of lovers parted.
Morning wakes and shakes fresh dew off all imaginings.
I can lie here, dream you lay beside me
Morning after morning after we have parted,
Turn to caress and taste your beauty,
Wake wet with tears from missing you, sigh
Like breezes born for nothing but an empty
Space to fill. Beside me you my emptiness must fill.

I will miss you, simple meters, reasoned rhyming,
Closure certain as the morning. Unwise, but I will
Miss you near to sunrise every morning,
At first light and in the darkness
Of my bedroom lonely; lacking kisses,
Shallow breathing become the slightest breezes
Laughing at me when I’ve risen, falsely risen early
Ready waiting for your eyes to open gently.
I will miss you in the morning.

Morning doesn’t give a damn for dreams of lovers parted.
You think that you are going someplace certain–so untrue:
You simply return unto that place where alone you started,
Where daily daylight stains you bleach away, half-hearted
Try recapture simple dreaming. Embrace the dreaming: hold
Off certainty of someplace solid nine-to-five and evenings lonely;
Doze ’til bedclothes cover over eyes that close, then come to me.
I shall take you with me, darling, to the dreamscape where we started–
It’s only morning that doesn’t give a damn for dreams of lovers parted.
Our dreams are conquests over limits,
together time and space in sleep are bested.