Mermaid and the Sailor Poem

Mermaid and The Sailor by Charlotte Mair
I”m jealous that the sun may touch your face
jealous of the clothes that wear you well
jealous of the bed that cradles Love by night
jealous of the pillow upon which Love”s head may lay
jealous of the miles that work so hard to part us


I”m jealous of those who gaze those brown eyes
jealous of the photo that locks you from my touch
the room, the stars that shine your face
the coffee cups __ that feel your lips and hands
embrace …

And from this distance
to know not one
To know “¦
only in a dream __ might I see and feel
his hands meet mine
in sunsets, walking shorelines __ creating new prints, in waves of sand
then sweetly share in passion”s kiss

__ Love dissipates
as light of day wisps my room
to then depart on distant shores

To risk a thought__
this life”s lived many a time
knowing well bemoaning __this sailor”s wife at shore
still eyes keep watch and torch well lit by night
even at banshee”s howling calls
We brave the loner”s cry

Hair of amber pales __ silver steals its way

It is well a life of 50 and more
and sure it is __ weary __ this shadow
standing on these empty shores
as Mother Sea reflects these tired aqua eyes

To realize Ones heart is not yet stone
though smoothed by roaring waves
withstanding tests of time

To feel the thunder of love roar through these veins
once more
is torture to a heart that sets to thaw from fathoms

The mermaid is risen
but in so doing __ shall never return to swim
her salty seas