To Like or Not to Like That is the Question

To like or not to like
that is the question.

I used to like things
before there was a button
and an unlike button
but no
button for
I’m sorry I pressed the
like button
or I’m sorry I didn’t
I became confused about
what I like
and what others saw
that I like
so that I was
careful to like
or not to like
or my bike,

Oh but wasn’t it pages like this that hurt the book? Yes so progress marches on. Websites like this are now dinosaurs in the Facebook and Twitter a paragraph is all we have time for world. Maybe we can get ourselves down to a single word on a page, a single stroke of the brush, and a single note. There are too many words on this page. No one will ever like it but me. Oh sarcasm thou art no angel!

david michael jackson