This next one is a real find. 1988 and the ladies, ah the ladies! Good ol’ Youtube, one of the best internet ideas and collector of our times. Ya gotta stop and wonder at the thing, this net. It kinda created itself like a big ol’ universe explosion and an idea like a “database” catches the stars and saves them for people of the far distant future who will study us. They will find this ancient thing called Google and they may be here reading these words. Hello people of the future. The next video you should take back to your time and play it for your beings.

Leonard Cohen,
most of my heroes have
evaporated like my youth
not that they made promises
they couldn’t keep but
I guess I just got
but Leonard
across the burning sands
I’m your man
I saw you in Nashvile in what, ’77?
now here I stand in 2012
I’m still your man
Leonard and his ladies are
my own personal angels.

david michael jackson dave@artvilla.com