I’m the only one on Sametime/AOL poem by Andy Derryberry

I’m the only one on Sametime/AOL
Even Ricardo is gone; he’s always logged on

So I’m by myself
Riding this dinasaur down to the tar pits

No scenery, no fun, no company
High noon in a ghost town

Nobody to shoot at
Nobody to shoot at me

A casual little jaunt
From a short past to a shorter future

A smooth ride actually
Sure, steady, definite

Dead silent except for the air purifier
That spits a chad occasionally

So quiet that I know I have
A bit of tinnitis

From that straight-piped John Deere A
And the wistling wind on motorcycles

As far as I know I could be on this rock
All by myself

Since I can’t have proof
Of anything

Hurtling into deep space
Yet all I feel is the lumbering dinasaur

So relaxed, so easy
So sure and unalterable

The only one on Sametime/AOL