Musicians needed for poetry

Poetry with Music

Andy Derryberry and I started recording our music with with poetry 12 years ago. How prolific poetry with music is! The poet can write a poem a day, a good musician can compose a musical short piece every day.  As a comparison, a songwriter cannot write a good song a month. In a shorter time than you might think we accumulated a wealth of recordings. I will be presenting these because they make such a good post with the words and the music.

I hope to do more.

Hope is not a plan

So here is another plan. If you are a  musician who can  react to a poem as you read it. Contact me and let’s add some music to poems. The pay is commensurate with the income which for a poet is usually between zero and nothing whatsoever. The world, quite frankly is playing video games and doesn’t give a hoot. It’s not their fault. So do something for art’s sake. Maybe some future archaeologist  will find our work.

david michael jackson    july 11, 2012 … send the muse