Hope Invades Poem by Joe Testa

Hope Invades by Joe Testa

Hope crept into my head

like an assassin,

slipping past walls a

lifetime in the making.

Taking root in barren ground

it began to work its magic;

delicately, subtlety, like pebble ripples

in a pond, nudging stubborn despair.

I understood the implication intuitively,

although the language was foreign to me.

Suddenly a clock was time bomb ticking,

challenging me towards fulfillment; better

than measuring wasted existence as it once had.

Uncertainty wrapped itself around the feeling

as new directions are always blind,

but there was no fear,

and I reveled in its absence.

Hope comforted me like a lover

and I gave in, offering naked trust in

return for the promise of a life

lived passionately.